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Discover a comprehensive list of forex brokers categorized by country. Find the best forex brokers that suit your trading needs as per your country.

Explore a comprehensive list of forex brokers categorized by country

Broker Broker Type Min. Spreads Min. Deposit Min. Position Max. Leverage Apply
GOMarkets STP 0.5 1 0.01 1:500 Apply
GFT MM 0.8 250 0.1 1:400 Apply
XM Group MM 0.0 5 0.01 1:30* Apply
Windsor Brokers MM 0.8 25 0.01 1:500 Apply
Trading Forex STP, ECN 0.4 500 0.01 1:500 Apply
Trader s Trust STP 1.8 100 0.01 1:500 Apply
TFI FX MM 2.0 1,000 0.1 1:100 Apply
Tadawul FX STP 1.0 500 0.05 1:500 Apply
MB Trading ECN, STP 0.0 400 0.1 1.500 Apply MM, STP 2.0 50 0.1 1:200 Apply
Infin Markets Ltd MM 1.8 1 0.01 1:400 Apply
FxPro MM, ECN 0.0 500 0.1 1:500 Apply
FxNet STP 2.3 5 0.01 1:500 Apply
FXGM STP 3.0 250 0.25 1:400 Apply
ForexYard MM, STP 3.0 100 0.1 1:200 Apply

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